Alli AI New Affiliate Program

Affiliates program

We are pleased to announce our new Affiliate Program We want to reward all affiliates that help us grow our business by choosing a structure that works for them. You can choose a commission structure that suits you best, whether you want recurring commissions or a once-off payout, the choice is yours. Loads of prizes […]

All About Reports: White Label, Work Done and Automations Export

Just a head’s up that we’ve just deployed several new updates to our Reports feature. 1.) White Label Your Reports(!!!) You can now add your brand and logo to Sales and Work Done Reports. To upload your logo, find the “Edit Team” link on the top right of your Team overview page (the one that […]

Automation Recommendations Page Refactor

Just a head’s up, we’ve just pushed a refactor to our Automation module’s Recommendations page. Previously you’ve had issues with bugs and load errors on this page, particularly for large sites. Put simply, we had outgrown it 😉 In addition to the bug fixes and load improvements, we’ve added more details on your Recommendations plus […]

Self-Optimizing SEO is now Automations

Head’s up! The artist formerly known as Self-Optimizing SEO is now called “Automations”. You can find your Automations tool on the left-hand and top menus. All functionality is the same, just with a new, shorter and more accurate name. Cheers!

Better Sub-Domain Support

Need to optimize just a sub-domain? Now you can. Just add the sub-domain URL as a new site, and we’ll create automations and track keywords and performance for that sub-domain only. Our site crawler now also defaults to crawling all sub-domain pages when optimizing for a root domain.

New Self-Optimizing Recommendations Page Design

Just a head’s up that we did a redesign on the Recommendations page for the Self-Optimizing SEO tool. Our goal with the redesign was to a.) make the page load faster! and b.) give you a good overview of all the code and content optimizations you have. We appreciate all of the feedback you’ve given […]

Fixes Loading Issues on Self-Optimizing Recommendations page

We just deployed some updates to our Self-Optimizing SEO Recommendations page to improve the load speed of the page, reduce server load, and fix various small issues with viewing and approving Recommendations that users have been experiencing. Thank you for the feedback from all the new (and returning!) users! We’re working around the clock to […]

Faster Tasks and Assorted Bug Fixes

We’ve updated or task finders to run faster than ever! In most cases, when you add a new Focus Keyword to Alli, you should now have updated tasks for that keyword in your dashboard within minutes. We’ve also fixed a number of bugs including a bug where some users received an error message when changing […]

All External Links Now Open in New Tabs Plus Bug Fixes

All external links from the Alli AI dashboard now open in a new tab or window! This was probably the most requested change over the last few months… Now you’ve got it 😉 Any external links will have an “arrow” icon next to them, that way you know ahead of time that a new tab […]