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June 5, 2019

Contextual links in articles about your niche are some of the best links you can get for SEO.

Now Alli will show you how to get them!

Alli AI is proud to announce that we’ve just launched a “Contributor” module for our “Outreach Link” algorithm.

What this module does is examination your niche for guest posting and article contributor opportunities and then recommend those link opportunities to you.

Please note that we’re still learning and fine tuning the algorithm!

Your recommendations can be very different from keyword-to-keyword. So if you don’t like the Contributor link recommendations Alli gives you for one keyword, just change your Focus Keyword and Alli will find some more links for you 😉

Alli will then give you step-by-step instructions on how to pitch, write and post your article for maximum SEO impact.

You can expect anywhere from five to 25 contributor link recommendations for every keyword you optimize.

So log in to Alli AI today, check out your Outreach links and start ranking higher in Google!

June 5, 2019
Kyle Duck

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