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Affiliates program
Kyle Duck

Alli AI New Affiliate Program

We are pleased to announce our new Affiliate Program We want to reward all affiliates that help us grow our business by choosing a structure

Kyle Duck

New Billing System

Hey guys! Kyle here. We’ve just launched new, scalable, usage-based billing. Just hop over to the billing page, and you can scale your company’s usage

Kyle Duck

Say Hello to (Customer) Success

Alli AI Founder & CEO Kyle here. Just wanted to take this moment to introduce you to our two new Customer Success team members: Sebastiaan

Kyle Duck

New Live Editor Beta Just Opened!

We’ve just launched the Beta version of our new Live Editor feature. With the Live Editor, you can optimize the content for any page on

New Keyword Data Fields

Hey ​​there, just a head’s up that we’ve just added two new data fields to your Keywords! Competition: This is what it sounds like =)

Automation Recommendations Page Refactor

Just a head’s up, we’ve just pushed a refactor to our Automation module’s Recommendations page. Previously you’ve had issues with bugs and load errors on

API v1 Access Is Live

Hey there! Guess what? We’ve just launched v1 of our API. Our API is currently available for Agency and Enterprise users. To generate an API

Reports Beta Has Launched

Hey guys, just a head’s up that we’ve just launched the Beta version of our new Reports feature. You can now export Keywords history, ranking