Frequently Asked Questions

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How many link possibilities will Alli find?

Every site is different! Your link possibilities will be based on your niche and what our algorithms are able to uncover.

With that said, we typically see 200-350+ link possibilities per Focus Keyword.

How often are my tasks updated?

Alli updates your tasks based on your Focus Keyword. Your Focus Keyword is the keyword which has the most immediate, profitable, projected traffic value increase.

You can change your Focus Keyword at any time up to twice per day. Alli will automatically update your FK once per week. Alli will also periodically go back and revisit your old optimized keywords and tasks and update them as needed.

What does Page URLs mean?

100 Page URLs = 100 pages optimized from your site.

So if you want to optimize 100, 250 or 500 pages on your site, pick your appropriate plan.

If you would like to optimize more pages, contact support for a custom plan!

Can I change my Focus Keyword?

Yes! Just click on the "Edit" button on your Keywords table, then click "Set Focus Keyword".

Does Alli work in my language?

Yes! Alli supports all human languages.

However, at this time, Alli does NOT support domains with characters from non-Roman alphabets.

That means no TLDs such as .рф, .中国, .みんな and others.

If you need support for these domains, please message us. We might add them in the future.

Will Alli work with Wordpress, React, Ruby on Rails, Laravel, Joomla, Node.JS, or the Latest-Overhyped-JavaScript-Framework?

The short answer is: Yes, Alli will work with any website.

The long answer is: Every CMS/framework is different, and there are restrictions and benefits to all of the above. In some cases, you may be limited by your framework's functionality in making some of Alli's recommended OnPage and OnSite changes.

Also, in some cases, particularly with the trendiest JavaScript frameworks, Alli may have difficulty rendering the content of your site...

BUT! Google actually uses two different bot agents to crawl and index your site, with the second being better capable of rendering and parsing JavaScript. Alli's OnPage and OnSite algorithms are somewhere between those two bots. So if Alli is having trouble reading your site, that means Google probably is too.

Does Alli offer instructions and/or examples?

Yes! Every task recommendation comes with as many step-by-step instructions and examples as possible for that task..

Will Alli AI increase the price of my subscription?

No, Alli will never increase the price you pay for your current subscription.

Can I change from a monthly to a yearly subscription (or vice versa)?

Yes, you can change your plan at anytime under the "Billing" section of your dashboard.

Can I cancel my suscription?

Alli is free to try for 10 days. You can cancel your trial or your subscription at any time in your dashboard.

Can I pay with cryptocurrency?

We accept Bitcoin for yearly plans.

But! The price is pegged to USD, so caveat emptor.

Please message support for details.

What if a recommendation isn't right for my site?

Just cancel it! No harm, no foul.

There's a cancel button on every task.

You can even try the task again later.