Links From Ads and SEO: What You Need to Know

February 8, 2024
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Understanding Links From Ads as a Ranking Factor

In the digital marketing ecosystem, links from ads refer primarily to hyperlinks embedded within paid advertisements that direct users to a website. Initially, one might presume these links hold substantial weight in SEO, considering they generate traffic to the website. However, search engines like Google have evolved to differentiate between organic links and those originating from paid advertisements.

Why is Links From Ads Important in SEO?

Links from ads play a unique role in the SEO landscape. While they may not directly contribute to organic search rankings in the way that traditional backlinks do, understanding their impact is essential for SEO strategists.

How Links From Ads Affect SEO

Traditionally, search engines have not directly used links from ads as a ranking signal in the same way they consider organic, editorially given links. This distinction stems from the principle that organic links are earned based on content quality, relevance, and other factors, reflecting a site’s authority and trustworthiness. On the other hand, links from ads are seen as commercially driven.

Despite this, links from ads indirectly influence SEO in several ways:

1. Traffic Volume: Ads can significantly increase traffic to your site. Although this traffic is considered paid, the behavioural signals that users provide (e.g., time on site, bounce rate) can indirectly influence organic rankings.
2. Brand Exposure and Search Demand: Ads raise awareness for your brand. As more people become aware of your brand through ads, organic search for your brand name or related keywords can increase. This heightened search demand can positively impact your organic search visibility.
3. Enhancing User Experience: By strategically placing ads that link to informative and relevant landing pages, you can improve user engagement metrics. Positive user engagement can indirectly benefit SEO by indicating to search engines that your site provides value to visitors.

– A study by Moz in 2020 highlighted that direct traffic, possibly influenced by brand awareness through ads, was strongly correlated with higher organic rankings. [Source: Moz]
– According to Ahrefs, organic search traffic is responsible for more than half of all website traffic. However, leveraging ads to improve brand search demand can indirectly contribute to organic visibility. [Source: Ahrefs]


How do links from ads compare to organic backlinks in terms of SEO value?

Links from ads are not treated the same as organic backlinks by search engines. Organic backlinks are considered endorsements of content quality, directly impacting SEO rankings, whereas links from ads are recognized as paid placements and do not directly influence organic search rankings.

Can links from ads lead to penalties from search engines?

No, links from ads will not lead to penalties as long as they adhere to webmaster guidelines set by search engines. For example, Google does not penalize sites for links from paid ads because these links are typically marked in a way that Google can recognize them as paid and not organic links.

Should businesses invest in links from ads as part of their SEO strategy?

Businesses should view links from ads as a complementary tactic rather than a core SEO strategy. While not directly influencing SEO rankings, ads can drive traffic, increase brand awareness, and potentially boost organic search visibility indirectly through increased search demand and positive user engagement signals.


In conclusion, while links from ads do not directly influence SEO rankings in the way that organic backlinks do, they hold indirect benefits that can positively impact a site’s SEO. By increasing brand awareness, driving traffic, and potentially improving user engagement metrics, ads can contribute to a well-rounded digital marketing strategy. As with any marketing effort, it’s essential to understand the nuances of how different factors, like links from ads, play into the broader SEO ecosystem. Balancing direct SEO tactics with complementary strategies such as paid ads can create a holistic digital marketing approach that drives both immediate traffic and long-term organic growth.

February 8, 2024

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