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There’s just three steps! First, install the code snippet. Then, review your Recommendations. You may want to edit the suggested text for title tags, meta descriptions and so on. Lastly, just click Approve and your changes will be live within minutes.

Yes! In fact, even if you have a CMS where it is normally difficult to make code changes, Alli can optimize your site for SEO. As long as you can add our one-line code snippet to your site, Alli can optimize it.

Alli AI automatically recrawls your site and generates new Recommendations based on the crawl interval you set. Weekly crawls are the default. If you change your site content, you can refresh your Recommendations in the dashboard at any time.

You can cancel your subscription at any time in your dashboard.

With manual tasks, there’s a cancel button on every Link and OnSitetask.

With SEO Automations, no code change will ever be live on your site until you approve it first.

Once approved, the automation recommendations will be live on the website within seconds.

We have multiple white labeled reports available for you to download including “Work done Reports” and “Recommendation exports”

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