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AI Generated
Schema Markup

No more waiting on developers to implement the correct Schema Markup for your website.
Alli AI generates and implement the best Schema Markup for all your pages instantly.
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With schema markup, you can give your website the edge it needs to shine. By adding structured data to your content, schema markup enhances search engine understanding, resulting in higher visibility in search results and with Alli AI, it's never been easier.





The Benefits of Alli AI's Schema Markup Feature


Schema Markup generated by Alli AI

And so much more. With Automation, the possibilities are endless.

Bulk Optimize

Create site-wide optimization rules and deploy code changes down to individual pages with one button click.

Real-time Deployment

Bypass CMS and technical limitations and deploy code and content changes instantly, anywhere on any page.

Live Editor

Edit and optimize text, content and code right on the page in your browser and deploy the updates instantly.

Self-Optimizer for Traffic ROI

Automatically generate sitewide page titles with real-time focus keyword A/B testing to maximize traffic profitability



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