Introducing AI Enhancements: The Future of Meta Titles and Descriptions

Tiger jumping in space

We’re excited to announce our new feature, AI Enhancements, which leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence to generate more comprehensive and effective meta titles and descriptions for your web pages. With AI Enhancements enabled, our algorithm scans your page to understand its content and purpose. It then generates meta titles and descriptions, each optimized to […]

New Billing System


Hey guys! Kyle here. We’ve just launched new, scalable, usage-based billing. Just hop over to the billing page, and you can scale your company’s usage for pages and keywords up or down depending on your agency’s needs. We hope this will help make life easier on your agency and SEO team. Enjoy!

Say Hello to (Customer) Success


Alli AI Founder & CEO Kyle here. Just wanted to take this moment to introduce you to our two new Customer Success team members: Sebastiaan and Sharon. Sebastiaan joins us from the SEO agency side and will be helping us upgrade every part of the Alli AI experience (and will be helping your business maximize […]

New Live Editor Beta Just Opened!

We’ve just launched the Beta version of our new Live Editor feature. With the Live Editor, you can optimize the content for any page on any website, without learning a CMS or waiting on a dev team. Just click the headline or text you want to change, then optimize away =) You can edit […]

New Keyword Data Fields

Hey ​​there, just a head’s up that we’ve just added two new data fields to your Keywords! Competition: This is what it sounds like =) We estimate how difficult the keyword will be to rank for, based on a 0 (easy) to 100 (hardest) scale. (Alli) Score: Your keyword’s Score is an estimate of how […]