Alli AI Video Guides

Here are some videos we put together for you to peruse at your leisure. Learn how Alli AI works plus some tips and tricks for doing SEO in general!
What are backlinks?
Don't fall for the hype. Google has been using backlinks for 20 years and still will 20 years from now.
How to find niche links
You know what links are. Now comes the hard part. Just how do you find and build those suckers?
On Page SEO Checklist
Links are great, but you still have to optimize your code and content. Here's the 35+ point checklist we use for every site.
How long does SEO take?
We get asked this a lot. Everybody wants to know how long it takes to get more SEO traffic. Well, it depends on...
How to do SEO in 2022
It's the current year. What's changed? Both a lot and a little. We'll explain...
SEO For Startups
When's the best time to start doing SEO for your Startup? Yesterday, it turns out. Here's your 80/20.
SEO for Local Business
Local SEO is a little bit different than traditional search optimization (since you want people calling and walking through the door). Let me explain..
How to Scale Your SEO Agency
Boy, this is a doozy. One thing we've learned though, is the key to scaling an agency is automation...
How to do Ecomm SEO
The title explains it all. Whether you're an Ecomm store or an affiliate site, you need that sweet, sweet Google traffic..